John B’s Y Story

More than a Gym Community Giving Garden at the Knoxville YMCA

The Davis Family YMCA Community Giving Garden is a "Magical" place.  It's taken me awhile to fully appreciate its importance, but I've finally gotten it! Last year at this time we joined the Y.  There was really never a question of which health club to join.  As a kid, the Williams Family Y in Cincinnati, Ohio was a special place with time spent shooting BB guns, swimming and playing ...

Sabrina’s Y Story

My name is Sabrina, and I am 53.  I would like to tell you a little bit about myself and the YMCA.  I have lost weight before, but losing what I wanted to this time meant I will need to exercise.  I do no like to exercise - I can barely walk - why would I want to exercise?  It doesn't matter, I would end up quitting anyway.  Well, I thought I would try the Y.  I would sign up for a couple months, ...

Sid’s Y Story

Sid Fulton has been a member of the Davis Y since January 2010.  He loves the Y and is part of a group of men we refer to as the "table of knowledge".  You can catch this group Monday through Saturday in the lobby, drinking coffee and challenging the morning news.  Sid recently had a bout with cancer and went through chemo therapy.  Every Monday morning, Y staff members present him with awesome ...

Bob’s Y Story

Inspiration at Any Age Do you need motivation? Let us introduce you to Bob. He swims a half mile most mornings at our North Side Y. It's not just for kids! (Although we have awsome kid's stuff, too...) Becoming and Staying active has no age requirement or limit. We can help you start or help you continue your active lifestyle. Visit one of our 5 Y locations and see what we're all about. ...

Mary’s Y Story

My Y Story Mary S

I joined the Downtown Y in 1997.  I was retired and not in good shape physically.  The staff and all the instructors were very helpful and did all they could to encourage me to get in better shape.  I met new people and made lost of friends.  When I moved to Farragut in 2004, I started going to the "Lovell Road Y" and then to the new Davis Y when it opened.  Attending the Y has helped me both ...