FREE Summer Fitness Challenge: Workout 18 times in 5 weeks

Summer is here, and it’s time to BEAT THE HEAT!  Use this summer challenge to motivate you and help you get back to a fitness routine that includes working out 3-4 times per week.  The challenge is easy:  log 18 workouts in 5 weeks from July 6th to August 7th and earn a prize.  If you have a busy week or a vacation planned, don’t let that stop you!  Complete the optional bonus challenge to earn 3 “freebie” workouts toward your 18.  There’s no payment, and no registration required for this challenge.  Keep up with your own workouts, download and print a PDF Tracker, or pick up a free tracking card at the Y starting July 6th.


Turn your completed card in at your Y’s front desk to exchange it for a great Y prize!  Prizes will include Y sport towels, water bottles, and swim caps.  Choose any of the 3 prizes (subject to availability, first come-first served, so complete your 18 workouts and claim your prize soon!)

Optional Bonus Challenge:

Set a goal, any goal!  If you accomplish your fitness goal during the challenge, you get to add 3 “free” workouts to your tally.  Your goal doesn’t have to be daunting; it just has to challenge you to better yourself and improve your fitness level.  Maybe your goal is to complete 3 unassisted pull-ups.  Maybe you’re working toward running an 8-minute mile.  Maybe your goal is to try a new class at the Y.  Need help?  Certified personal trainers are available at the Y to help you work toward your goal.