Swim Lessons

Swim lessons can be an important part of developing a healthy lifestyle. Whether you’re 6 or 60, it is never too late to learn to swim. Swimming lessons at The Y are overseen by certified instructors who provide this training in a safe and fun way.

View Swim Lessons & Aquatics Programs 2016 (PDF) for session dates

Parent Child Classes (6 months – 2 years)

Parent is in the water with the child while an instructor guides the pair through activities that are in the water and welcome the child to experience water adjustments in a non-threatening manner. Skills taught are how to hold your child in the water, kicking, back float, blowing bubbles and water safety skills.

Aqua Tots (2 -3 years)

Designed for children who might struggle with the transition from Parent/Child to Preschool classes. This class will be taught in a Preschool atmosphere with the same skill objectives as a Preschool class, with the benefit of the student’s parent being in the water with the child. Great for children who have never had a teacher/student opportunity. Ti is also a great way to get your child ready for Preschool classes

Preschool Classes (3-5 years)

All preschool swim lessons are 30-minutes and are limited to 4 students per instructor.


For beginners who are leery of the water and cannot swim on their own. Children will learn submersion, blowing bubbles, kicking and floating on stomach and back.


For swimmers who can float on their front and back and can comfortably put their face in the water and can swim a short distance without support. Children begin to learn over arm paddle stroke, breathing, and swimming on their back.


For swimmers who can travel 15 feet without support on their front and back. Children begin to work on stroke development and increasing endurance.

Youth Classes (6-14 years)

All youth swim lessons are 45 minutes long and are limited to 6 students per instructor.


These swimmers build confidence through basic skill development, learning to submerge, float, kick, and use a rudimentary paddle. The students also learn self-help and basic rescue skills. The objective of the level is to give students success with basic skills.


This is the initial intermediate level.  The children continue to practice and build upon basic skills, now performing more skills without the aid of floatation devices.  The children further refine the strokes they have learned as their skills become more like those normally used in swimming.


These swimmers are comfortable in the water and possess basic swimming skills of front and back floating, and comfort with their face in the water. Children begin to learn the crawl stroke and the fundamentals of rotary breathing and treading water. The objective of this level is to build on the skills learned in Minnow by providing additional guided practice.

Flying Fish

At this advanced level, students work on refining their strokes they learned in Fish and increasing their endurance. In this level they will also learn the beginning combinations for butterfly as well as standing dives.


Swimmers are able to swim all main strokes for 50 yards. There is more focus on endurance, butterfly, starts and turns and more advanced rescue skills. The objective of this level is for participants to gain endurance through continuing stroke development and to improve other aquatic skills.

Adult Classes

These swim lessons are 45 minutes long and designed for people aged 15 & up who are interested in learning to swim or gaining additional comfort in their current knowledge and abilities. Its never too late to learn!!!

Private Swim Lessons

These swim lessons are open to every age group and level of swimming ability. Private lessons are scheduled through each branch’s Aquatic department. Classes are 30-minutes in length and provide one-on-one interaction focusing solely on swim instruction.

Packages of 4 swim lessons are $70 for members and $105 for non-members. Private Lessons must have a 4-hour notice for cancellations.

Private Buddy Pack

These lessons are for two people who would still like more focused instructor attention. Packages of 4 swim lessons are $45 per person for members and $70 per person for Non-Members

Swim Lessons Policies

  • Classes must be paid for in full at the time of registration.
  • Classes where no one has registered will be canceled by 5 pm the day prior to the start date. * West Side registration may ONLY be done in person.
  • 3 participants must register for a class to continue as scheduled. If only two participants register for a class, the class will meet 6 times instead of 8, or 5 times instead of 6. If only one participant registers for a class we will provide 4 30-minute, or 3 30-minute private swim lessons.
  • Make-up days are provided ONLY if the YMCA cancels a class. THERE ARE NO REFUNDS FOR CLASSES OR SESSIONS NOT ATTENDED. The YMCA has discretion as to credits due to extenuating circumstances.
  • In case of thunder or lighting the Pool will close. If these conditions occur please call your YMCA. If at all possible we will try to contact you prior to your lesson.
  • Depending on availability registration for classes will end 48 hours before the session start date.

Open Doors Policy

The YMCA will not turn away anyone due to their inability to pay. Financial Assistance is available for all programs and membership. Open Doors applications are available at our Courtesy Counters.

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Swim lessons can be an important part of developing a healthy lifestyle. Learn more about lessons at The Y, including locations, registration & more!