7 Questions to Ask for Your First Session With a Personal Trainer

Personal trainerMany times, people will show up to their first session with a personal trainer without thinking about what questions they should ask.

The Y is here to support you as you work towards your fitness and health goals. And, helping you prepare with any questions you want to ask is part of starting a personal training experience.

When you are matched with a personal trainer at the​ ​Knoxville​ ​Y, you’ll have time with them during your first session to get clear answers on any questions you have. So, here are 6 example questions to help you get ready for your first session.

What certifications and experience do you have?

A commitment to continual education is important for a personal trainer. This learning shows their commitment to their clients, as well as to their own personal growth.

Along those same lines, the type and amount of experience in key fitness areas are indicators of their depth of knowledge and how they will be able to support you.

How often should I exercise?

Talk about how often you should workout with your personal trainer. How often will be determined by things, such as your goals, current health and fitness level. This also is an opportunity for you to learn more about what it will take to reach your goals and set your expectations properly.

What can I do to prepare for workouts?

Personal trainers can offer you tips on how to best prepare for your sessions. From eating at the right time before you hit the gym to how best prepare yourself mentally for exercise. His or her guidance can help set you up for success.

Can you tell me a success story?

You want results and a trainer that can help you get them. Ask them to tell you about recent clients that have experienced success with their help. Asking this question also will give you insight into how they train their clients.

When will I see results?

The truth is that you’ll most likely feel the results before you see them. But asking this question will accomplish two things. First, you’ll understand the expectations that your personal trainer has for you, based on his or her assessment of your current fitness level and ability. And, second, you’ll be able to use that information to set your own expectations and reduce the chance of you becoming discouraged.

What’s your personal trainer style?

Not every personal trainer has the same teaching style. Do they tend to be more like a coach, a hardcore instructor or a partner? It’s important to know what style you respond best to, so you can get that need met in your training relationship. So, ask.

What do you want?

The last question isn’t for your personal trainer; it’s for you. Specifically, what do you want to achieve through better health and fitness? What particular goals do you have in mind?

Knowing the answer to this question before you talk with a personal trainer will help them address those goals very specifically.

Is it losing weight? Gaining strength or endurance? Improving your overall health? Take some time to think about what you want to achieve.

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At the Y, we support our Knoxville neighbors goals of creating healthier bodies and lives. This can includes assistance and guidance from certified personal trainer to help you reach your fitness goals.

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