ActivTrax – Smart Start

What will ActivTrax do for you?

ActivTrax - Smart StartActivTrax will guide you by accurately recommending the appropriate weight for you to lift on the equipment in the Wellness Center.  Using the results of a simple test and individual goals, ActivTrax creates a customized exercise and meal plan for you.

With each visit to the Y, enter your user name and password at the ActivTrax kiosk.  The kiosk will then print a detailed exercise plan for you for this particular visit.  Follow the workout plan, record the number of repititions you perform and enter the results back at the kiosk.  ActivTrax then analyzes your performance and makes any necessary adjustments for your next workout.  With every visit comes a new and unique workout plan; participating in a variety of cardiovascular activities and working different muscles will be key to your success!

You will also be able to receive nutritional guidance through the ActivTrax meal planner from home, work, or any web-accessible computer!  Your meal plan is customized to your dietary preferences.

Best of all, you aren’t tied to just one location; you can exercise and have acccess to your personalized plan via ActivTrax at any of the YMCA of East Tennessee’s wellness centers.

On you next visit to the Y, ask how to stay on track with ActivTrax!

Download the ActivTrax App!

Your ActivTrax workouts are also available on your mobile device with the new ActivTrax app available for both Apple and Android devices!

ActivTrax - Smart Start at The Y
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ActivTrax - Smart Start at The Y
ActivTrax will guide you by accurately recommending the appropriate weight for you to lift at any Knoxville Y, and help plan a custom exercise and meal plan.