Personal Training at the YMCA

Personal Training at the YMCA

Personal training is one of the Y’s best kept secrets in Knoxville. We all need the advice of an expert sometimes, as well as the personal attention that comes from a trainer or coach. Our Ys offer personal training and coaching to help you set and meet your specific goals in order to live healthier.

Personal Training at the YMCA is affordable.

Personal Training

 Why take your fitness to the next level?

  • You are not seeing results
  • Unsure of where to start
  • You’re bored with the same old workouts
  • Need a new challenge
  • Education on how to exercise on your own
  • Motivation
  • You have a specific injury or physical condition
  • You need support and supervision
  • You’r training for a specific sport or event, or planning to attend your high school reunion, or maybe hit the ski slopes this winter.


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At the Y, we are about more than building muscle. When you join the Y, you’re committing to more than simply being healthier. You are supporting the values and programs that strengthen your community.


Personal Training at the YMCA
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Personal Training at the YMCA
Personal Training is offered at all Knoxville branches of the YMCA. One of Knoxville's best kept secrets.