After School Child Care Parent Info

Fun Facts:

The YMCA serves approximately 1500 children each year in after school programs and summer day camp from 14 schools through out Knox county.

  • The staff to child ratio is 1:15 (State mandate – 1:20).
  • Character Development Program – Values of caring, honesty, respect and responsibility are incorporated into all YMCA activities.
  • Training in Life Skills – Social development, self-control, and self-discipline/conflict resolution.
  • Family Services – Parent boards, resource and referrals, family education opportunities and Family Fun nights.
  • Choice Driven Program – Developmentally appropriate, staff initiated activities.
  • More than half a million dollars was awarded in financial assistance last year through sliding-scale fees, emergency assistance, and immediate placement into programs with fee waivers.
  • Families who are able to afford the entire rate and who are supplemented by the state of TN through the certificate are giving back to those individuals who need help.  These fees help to offset our scholarship fund in addition to fundraising campaigns in the YMCA and United Way monies.


All staff are required to participate in ongoing training throughout the school year. Workshops include the YMCA of the USA certification courses “Principles of YMCA Child Care” and “Working with 5 to 9 Year Olds.” All staff members are required to be certified in First-Aid and CPR. Staff have been selected for their educational and practical experience, as well as their special skills and ability to relate to children in a positive manner. Our goal is to maintain the following staff: child ratios at all times.

Kindergarten – 1:12
First – Fifth grades – 1:15
Field trips – 1:7
Maximum group size – 1:25

How parents can be helpful

YMCA Child Care Services is more than baby-sitting! Please help us impress upon your child that this is a special program designed to meet his/her needs and interests, where cooperation and team work are vital for safety and fun.

YMCA Child Care Services appreciate parents that keep us informed of his/her child’s special needs or any transitions in the child’s home life (divorce, birth of new child, death, etc.) This helps the staff to remain sensitive to your child’s needs.

Parents are welcome to volunteer with the program in the following ways:

  • Joining the Parent Advisory Committee
  • Donating used toys, games, or books
  • Providing input and suggestions about our program
  • Completing and returning parent evaluations
  • Presenting special programs using hobbies or careers as topics
  • Saving household items to be used as arts and crafts supplies
  • Going on field trips

Parents are welcome to visit the program at anytime!

Site Directors will schedule two parent/teacher conferences per school year. If at anytime the need arises, a conference can be scheduled.

Parents will receive a monthly newsletter filled with information about activities and upcoming events. Please also check the parent bulletin board at your child’s site for scheduling and licensing information.