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Compete against adults 19 and older for a chance to win one of our select prizes.
Our select prizes: 1 month free membership, 2 week guest pass, YMCA Swag of choice or gift card.

Rules for 3v3 Tournament:
1. Double elimination.

2. Scored by 2’s and 3’s.

3. Two 12 minute halves.

4. Fouls result in 1 point and the ball(shooting or common).

5. Substitution on dead ball or after point is scored.

6. Each possession starts by taking ball behind 3 point line( score or out of bounds).

7. Free throws under 1 minute of the 2nd half only. Point still rewarded.

8. Overtime is sudden death; first to score wins.

Questions? Email Jolon at [email protected]

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