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Safety Is Our #1 Priority

The pool is a great place to have fun and exercise, but the most important thing at the YMCA is your safety. In an effort to provide you with the safest environment possible, our aquatics staff team attends mandatory monthly in-service trainings and is audited regularly.

Whistle blasts and what they mean

  • 1 long blast: Clear the pool immediately. Emergency situation!
  • 2 short blasts: Lifeguard trying to get the attention of a swimmer or peer

YMCA Lightning Policy

  • If you can hear thunder, you are close enough to be struck by lightning.
  • We will always clear our pools at the first sight or sound of lightning and/or thunder.
  • A mandatory 30-minute wait will follow the sound or sight of thunder or lightning. Please be patient. We will re-open our pool as soon as we feel it is safe for you to re-enter.

Lifeguard Auditing

In an ongoing effort to provide the safest possible environment for our members and guests, please be aware that we conduct regular lifeguard audits. Many of these audits are realistic. These audits can alarm some children, so please take the time to inform any members of your group appropriately. Do not be alarmed if you witness what appears to be a rescue. Lifeguards are highly trained professionals. Never try to assist a lifeguard unless they specifically ask you to do so.

Swim Test Policy

Water safety is a top priority at the Y. We ask that all swimmers 13 and under take a swim test and wear a color-coded necklace to help our lifeguards identify swimmers who may need more assistance in the water.

GREEN swimmers 8 and older may be left in the pool area alone; our safety standard is that any swimmer under 12 years old have an adult on Y property. Green swimmers are allowed in deep water if able to:

  • Swim 25 yards with face in water, without goggles
  • Float on back or tread water
  • Jump into water over swimmer’s head and resurface

Our safety standard for YELLOW swimmers is to stay in shallow and have an adult on the pool deck. Yellow swimmers are shallow water competent, meaning they are able to:

  • Stand in shallow end of pool with water level lower than the swimmer’s armpits. If water level is higher than swimmer’s armpits, a site-specific shallow water swim test must be completed.
  • Go underwater, lift feet off bottom of pool, and comfortably regain footing without assistance

Our safety standard for RED swimmers is to have a guardian 16 years or older in the water or to wear a personal flotation device (PFD) if guardian is in the water but not within arms’ reach. Red swimmers are:

  • Unable to complete a green or yellow swim test
  • Not shallow water competent. Shallow water level is higher than swimmer’s armpits.

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