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Basketball was first invented at a YMCA in 1891.  Today, our Y’s keep the game alive with youth and adult leagues, pick-up games, and open shoot-around.  Our basketball gyms offer hardwood floor gymnasiums with regulation-height goals and adjustable-height children’s goals at the Cansler Y, Tennova Family YMCA, Pilot Family Y, and Downtown Y (no children’s goals at the Downtown Y).

Adult Leagues

Our Tennova Family YMCA offers Sunday afternoon adult leagues in the Spring and Fall with 8 weeks of play followed by a single-elimination tournament. Leagues are open to teams of adults 18 years and older. Two certified referees officiate each game. Teams must submit complete rosters and provide their own jerseys.

Pick Up Games

Lunch hour and later evening hours are common times to find pick-up basketball games almost every day of the week. Ask at your Y to find the times most members play pick-up. Be sure to check your Y’s schedule to find open gym time available and to ensure the gym is not in use for a group exercise class or other scheduled Y program.

Basketball Schedule

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