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Personal Training in Knoxville

Our nationally certified personal trainers will coach, motivate and inspire you to reach your health and fitness goals. Personal trainers tailor a unique workout plan to your current fitness level and your goals, help you learn proper techniques to avoid injury, help you move past plateaus, and provide accountability and motivation to stick with your routine. Personal training at the Y includes one-on-one coaching through your entire workout every time you meet, plus advice and guidance to stick to your fitness plan on days you may not meet with your trainer.

Personal training is available at the Y, virtually through Zoom or FaceTime, or at-home (yes, our trainers will come to you!).

Our personal trainers specialize in: general fitness, cardiovascular endurance, post-rehab training and injury rehabilitation, weight loss and weight gain, strength and power training, sports-specific training, teen and youth fitness, functional fitness (TRX, kettlebells, battle ropes, etc.), pre- and post-natal fitness, yoga and pilates, balance and mobility, and older adult fitness.

Training Packages:

Individual Training:

  • 1 Hour Sessions:
    • 1 Session: $55
    • 3 Sessions: $155
    • 6 Sessions: $255
    • 12 Sessions: $485
    • 24 Sessions: $900
  • 30-Minute Training Options:
    • 6 Sessions: $155
    • 12 Sessions: $255
    • 24 Sessions: $485
    • 48 Sessions: $900

Partner Training (Buddy Packs, 2 Participants):

  • 1 Hour Sessions:
    • 1 Session: $30 (per participant)
    • 6 Sessions: $150 (per participant)

Interested in Personal Training?

Small Group Training

Our Y locations offer various small group training programs depending on their location and equipment available.  Contact the Wellness Director at your desired location to learn about our Small Group Training options:

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