Hydrorider – Aqua Cycling at The Y

The Hydrorider is an aqua cycle, or a spin bike that goes in the water. Hydrorider workouts are particularly well-suited for people who suffer from joint, muscle, or bone pain. The water’s buoyancy reduces the strain on your body, and as a result, will reduce the impact the exercise has on your joints compared to a land-based workout.

Benefits of the Hydrorider

Calorie Burn – During one hour of aqua-cycling, you can burn up to 800 calories.

Reduce cellulite – Water friction helps eliminate cellulite by acting as a massage for the legs. Studies have shown the connection between the deep leg muscles – called postural muscles – and the lymphatic system. Water resistance and movement provide a natural massage that clearly improves the skin aspects and cellulite, by draining the entire lymphatic system.

Enhance blood flow – The pressure of the water, combined with the cycling movement, can considerably increase the flow of blood in your body. This improved circulation can energize muscles and reduce the symptoms of tired legs.

Ease joint pain – Aqua cycling provides a challenging, yet impact-free, workout. With the Hydrorider, the water supports the weight of your body. So, if you have existing joint or muscle problems (or you want to avoid them), a water bike session can help you get the results you want without some of the negative side effects of land-based workouts.

Improve cardiovascular endurance – When you are in the water, your heartbeat frequency is reduced by 10%. This helps improve your endurance, because your body is working at a higher intensity, but with a with a lower heart rate.

Jumpstart your recovery – Aqua cycling can help you recover from a race (or other such exertion) faster and better. The water increases the range of motion for your joints.

What are the Hydrorider sessions like?

You will need to come early to get the bike set up to your body type. You are also required to wear aquatic shoes with the toe covered to protect your feet from the cages of the pedals. Once your bike is set up, you will roll it into the water, situate yourself chest deep and place your feet in the cages/pedals.

The instructor will be on the deck and in the water to instruct and to help as needed. Be ready to sweat!

Hydrorider Instructors

All of our instructors have been certified through the Hydrorider USA. Each also has fitness related (land and aquatic) certifications and experience.

Hydrorider Schedules

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