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Martial arts programs at the Y teach confidence, discipline, and character. Kids can learn the techniques needed for self-defense and gain more insights into their own strengths and capabilities. Above all, martial arts will keep your kids active, healthy, and having fun. Martial Arts programs at the Y are offered by community partners who have loyally served our East Tennessee neighborhoods for years. Their offerings range from TaeKwonDo and Judo to Karate and Samurai Sword instruction. Find a program near you!

Grand Master Eun and the team from Tennessee Taekwondo and Judo College now offer classes at our Pilot Family Y and Cansler Y.

Kids Martial Arts

Registration: All registration is through TTJC

  • Please call Grand Master Eun at 865-694-7777
  • Visit their website

Grand Master Eun has experience working with children, teens, and adults of all experience levels. Beginner, intermediate, and advanced students are all welcome to participate in these classes.

About Grand Master Eun: Grand Master Eun’s martial arts college, Tennessee TaeKwonDo Judo College, has been in business for 29 years and has produced some of the most successful martial artists in the country. Grand Master Eun is a graduate of Yong-In University as well as the famous Korean Judo College and Kodokan. He is 8th Dan Black Belt in TaeKwonDo and HapKiDo, a 7th Dan Black Belt in Judo/Jujitsu, former Korean National Champion, former South Korean Presidential Body Guard, former Master Instructor for the University of Tennessee in TaeKwonDo and Judo, former instructor of Martial Arts to the University of Tennessee’s Swim Team for body control and mental discipline, former US Representative to the World Games, and former high school Physical Education teacher.

The Samurai Dragons now offer martial arts classes at our Davis Y

Kids Martial Arts

Registration: All registration is through the Samurai Dragons

  • Please contact Sheena or David Henderson at 865-300-2318
  • Visit their website

The Samurai Dragons offer Karate, Kobudo, Self Defense, and Samurai Sword instruction. Classes focus on personal development rather than sport competition, working with each student to develop skills used both in and outside the Dojo (training hall). Classes are typically no larger than 6-8 students to ensure significant one-on-one time with each student. You don’t need any previous martial arts experience to start any of the Samurai Dragons programs, only a willingness to learn and the initiative to take the first step on the Dojo floor.

A typical class involves warm-up, stretching, conditioning, technique introduction, skill application, and cool-down, helping each student develop best practices for their martial arts lifestyle.

Martial Arts Schedule

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