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Our historic Downtown Y offers 2 indoor racquetball courts.  Call the Downtown Y at 865-522-9622 to schedule court time, or just stop by the front desk to see if time is available.  Racquets and balls are available for check-out.  To see if we are offering any leagues or have upcoming tournaments, contact Jared Daugherty.

Our Tennova Family Y offers one racquetball court.  Call the Tennova Y at 865-922-9622 to schedule court time or stop by the front desk to see if time is available.  Racquets and balls are available for checkout.

Basic Overview

The object of the game is to outscore your opponent while reaching an agreed-upon score. Most competitions are played in a best-of-three format, known as a racquetball match, with games scored to 15 and a tie-breaker played to 11.  Only the serving player or team scores, and they maintain the serve until losing the rally, which results in a side-out and the opposing team’s opportunity to serve and score.

The Serve

The server stands in the Service Zone, bounces the ball once, then hits the ball toward front wall to rebound into the area between the Short Line and back wall.  The server may serve from anywhere within the Service Zone and must stay in the this zone until the ball passes the Short Line.  If playing doubles, the serving player’s partner must stand inside one of the Service Boxes.  The opposing player must stand behind the Receiving Line and may not cross the Receiving Line until 1) the ball bounces after it crosses the Short Line or 2) the ball crosses the Receiving Line in the air.

Serving Faults

If the ball does not make it past the Short Line on the serve, hits the back wall before bouncing, hits a third wall before bouncing, or hits the ceiling, the serve is considered a fault and is replayed. If a player makes two consecutive faults, it results in a side out and the other team serves.

Side-Out Serves

The serving player or team will immediately lose the serve if: two serving faults happen back-to-back, the ball does not hit the front wall first (it hits the ceiling, a side wall, or the floor first), the ball hits the serving player or their racquet after hitting the front wall, or the serving player balks or stops their serve.

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