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Ultimate Teen Fit

Ultimate Teen Fit is a functional fitness group exercise class geared especially for teens 13-18 years old at our TENNOVA FAMILY Y.  Like all group fitness classes at the Y, Ultimate Fit for Teens is a free class with no registration required.  Guests may participate with the purchase of a day pass.

In a typical Ultimate Teen Fit class, a Y instructor will lead teens through functional fitness-based movements, teaching correct form and introducing teens to both new and advanced movements.  Participants will use kettlebells, plyometric boxes, jump ropes, plate weights, and other functional fitness equipment in addition to performing body weight exercises.  Instructors will offer modifications for beginners or advanced participants to encourage and challenge each teen.

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Use the schedules below to find “Ultimate Teen Fit” on our Tennova Family Y schedules, or visit our schedules page to find monthly PDF schedules.

Ultimate Teen Fit Schedule

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