The Y is so much more than a building full of gym equipment.  We’re here to support you in working toward your health and wellness goals, at the New Year, and all year long!  Let us help you crush your goals, with programs, classes, and knowledgeable and friendly staff ready and willing to help you make progress each and every day.

5 Ways to Hit Your Goals in the New Year:

  1. Schedule a SmartStart appointment: Not sure which one the pec fly machine is?  Wish you knew how to link your Apple Watch to your treadmill?  Wish you walked into the gym with a customized workout plan every single day?  How is that guy over there watching Netflix on his elliptical screen?  Should I really be doing lunges if I have “bad knees”?  We can answer ALL of these questions (and more) in a FREE SmartStart appointment.  Meet with a Wellness Coach, we’ll make sure you feel comfortable with our machines and equipment, ask any questions you may have, and if you’re interested, we can even set up an online tool that will create a custom workout for you on every visit.  Your free plan will tell you which machines to use, how much weight to use, and how many reps to complete.  Stop by the front desk on your next visit and ask to schedule a SmartStart appointment, or learn more here.
  2. Join our Weight Loss Program:  Weight loss is a common goal at the New Year, and maybe it’s YOUR goal this year!  The Y’s Weight Loss Program meets virtually with both daytime and evening options.  In this support group format, we won’t focus on short-term solutions, but long-term lifestyle changes that will help you move toward a healthy weight and a healthy life.  We still have spots available in classes starting in late January!  Learn more here.
  3. Workout with a Personal Trainer: Maybe it’s time to call in the pros!  Working with a personal trainer can give you extra motivation and expertise you need to stay on track.  When you work with a trainer, your workout becomes a scheduled appointment rather than something at the bottom of your to-do list that you may or may not get around to completing.  Plus, their knowledge and attention will help you get the most out of your workout.  Our Y trainers can meet in person at the Y, virtually (over Zoom or FaceTime), or they’ll even come to you!  Request a trainer or learn more here.
  4. Join a Group Exercise Class:  Yoga, Zumba, Ultimate Fit, Water Aerobics, Spin – you name it, we’ve got it!  Classes at the Y are free with your membership, and you never know what you might love until you’ve tried them all!  When you join a group fitness class, you’ll find that upbeat music and a high-energy instructor somehow help you complete one more rep or work for one more minute.  Once you find a routine, you’ll get to know the other members in your class and find a community of support as everyone is working hard together.  Check out our classes and schedules here.
  5. Join a Fitness Challenge:  If you haven’t set a specific goal, joining a fitness challenge may help you add focus to your workout plan.  The Y offers fitness challenges throughout the year to help keep you motivated and accountable.  Our next fitness challenge, the RESET Challenge, is registering NOW and begins February 1st.  For 6 weeks, we’ll challenge you to stay active for at least 150 minutes per week.  Along the way, we’ll send you coaching tips from national experts (fitness, nutrition, meditation, and more), offer virtual and live classes, hold special events at the Y and outdoors in our community, plus you’ll earn prizes and giveaways!  Text RESET to 855-717-9622 to join the challenge today, and get ready to hit the RESET button with us on February 1st!  Learn more here.

Whatever your goals may be, take a step today to start working toward achieving them.  And don’t do it alone!  Let our Y community help you stay active, stay moving, and stay healthy in 2021.